Application Hosting

Data CenterLogiShare has been providing application hosting services since long before “The Cloud” became popular.  We successfully host a wide variety of third-party medical practice management and insurance agency management software packages in our secure data centers.  Don’t collapse under the pressure to move to “cloud” based applications.  If you still prefer to use your Windows® based applications, but need the convenience of Internet access and peace of mind of data center management, then LogiShare is here to make it happen.

We have a strong history of hosting your applications on a secure desktop or publishing your applications to appear as though they are locally installed.  Either way, LogiShare technicians have the expertise to move your local applications to the cloud and secure them so you can focus on your core business functions.

Our application hosting services are affordable on any budget and include free nightly backups and server monitoring in our 24 hours data centers.  All data center facilities and support personnel are located in the US and will ensure your absolute confidence and ease of use.

Call or email today to find out just how easy it is to move your existing applications to the cloud and eliminate the learning curve of migrating to unfamiliar technology tools.